Graphics Mania

What is Graphics Mania? Only about the easiest and most fun way there is to get links, likes, and shares! And the popularity of useful or fun graphics is only going to keep increasing.

“Just wanted to let you know I grabbed a poster background this week from the most recent AAN and put something on it for my FB business page and so far, it has been shared three times and has a dozen likes already. Thanks for a great, quick way to help get my business name out there! Very fun!”
- Carolyn Schlicher, Liquid Whole Foods

A dozen quick likes and three shares, all for a few minutes work. Getting links and publicity doesn't get much easier than that. And if you have one go viral—watch out! Get ready for a tsunami of traffic!

Coming up with the text for these kinds of graphics is easy, and I show you how in the included guide. The harder part is making an attractive graphic to put the text on. I've solved that problem for you, even if you've never made a graphic in your life.

I've put together a package of gorgeous graphic templates, all you have to do is add text to them, and I show you how to do that with an included video tutorial. There's nothing more to buy, the software for adding the text to the graphics is free.

This included guide that will help find content ideas also has some dandy tips, plus I show you where to get a snippet of code to add to your pages that will let people easily share your graphics (and other content) with any of almost 300 social sites!

You don't need to be a good writer, you don't even have to use your own words. I'll show you how to get all the share-worthy content you need for these graphics and put you on the path to getting socially shared links—which is exactly what the search engines like.

Here's what's included in this gorgeous graphics package:

  • 55 Large Backdrops (1024 x 768, these can be resized to suit)
  • 50 Content Boxes (sizes vary, average is around 600 x 420)
  • 15 Infographics (5 or 10 items per graphic, sizes vary)
  • 61 Mini-posters (260 x 320)
  • 19 Sample graphics
  • Graphics Mania Guide (tips, ideas, etc.)
  • Video showing how to add text to the images using free software
  • Video showing how to resize the graphics to suit
  • Bonus: Membership in the Easy Graphics 101 mini-member site

The above listed Easy Graphics 101 bonus membership includes:

  • 9 how-to videos for those who want to learn more about making graphics (using free software)
  • Bonus graphic templates: nearly 500 buttons, banners, and headers
  • Get Success Results: PDF of 220 short success tips

Here's what long-time AAN subscriber David Sparks said about the bonus video course:

I just finished the video on background removal, and it helped me solve all the problems I’ve had trying to remove backgrounds. Thanks for all the videos, although I haven’t viewed them all yet, I am learning a whole lot better from them than the tutorials that came with the not-so-free software I have been using.
- David Sparks

Remember, the videos David is talking about uses FREE software. You really can learn how to make your own graphics, but how about a quick look at some of the featured graphics? OK! Here you go...

Nice, eh! That's just a small sample, but representative of the variety and quality you'll find in every corner of this package. In the video I mentioned there were 14 infographics. Now there are 15, I decided to make one for the Off the Cuff column in the previous issue so I included that blank template as well.

The Easy Graphics 101 membership sells for $17 all by itself right here. I really shouldn't do this, but...

For a limited time you can pick up this entire page for just $27!

Graphics Mania Order Yes Order Yes Discover how to get links and publicity the fun and easy way—by making interesting graphics using the Graphics Mania templates. You get all the graphics, the ebook, the membership and more...

...all for just $27 for a very limited time!

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Time to Buy! :) Remember, with a full 30-day money back guarantee the risk is on me. If you're not happy with your purchase you can get a full refund. You can only win—so order now and join the ranks of tens of thousands of happy customers since 1997.