If you like to design websites and want to be paid for it, forget cold-calling on businesses hoping to find customers, let the customers come to you!

How to Build and Sell Turnkey Websites

Did you know you can build websites and be paid for it without going to work for someone else, and do it without the frustration and rejection that comes with cold-calling on businesses trying to scrounge up new clients?

Imagine creating websites at your leisure, designing them the way you want them to look, and selling them to eager buyers who are actively shopping for websites.

Sound good? I've got the blueprint you need...

How to Build and Sell Turnkey Websites will show you how to build and sell websites that bring in around $30 for a quick and easy bare bones site you make from your own templates, on up to $500 or more for sites with a few assets you can set up.

Just look at the some of the current bids on the Flippa auction site. Some of the "buy now" asking prices are silly, but look where the prices are for sites that actually have bids.

Even some domain names (domain name only - no website) have bids of $50 or more. One premium one-word domain had two bids, with the highest $75,000! Prices like that are not common, but turning a $10 domain name into a nice profit sure is.

In addition to How to Build and Sell Turnkey Websites, I'm including a video that shows you how I find good domain names. Combine a decent looking website with a good domain name and you can sell it for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, especially if you add some original content or other assets, which I also cover in this guide.

Yes, there is big money in this, but here’s the caveat: The bigger profits only await those who know the secrets of creating sites that other people want to buy. And that’s exactly what you'll discover inside this report. Specifically, you'll learn:

  • How to come up with ideas for profitable websites.
  • How to quickly and easily build these websites, even if you have limited web design skills.
  • How to create ad listings that generate plenty of bids and high selling prices.
  • Where to list your site for the best exposure.
  • How to find good domain names for yourself or to resell (with or without an accompanying website).
This is a no-pressure way to make money designing websites because there are no client deadlines or demands to meet. You build the sites at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, and sell them when you're ready.

You can sometimes pick up extra money customizing the sold sites, but it's up to you if you want to offer that as an add-on service. Order below to get started today.

How to Build and Sell Turnkey Websites
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